A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Dying is Good !

This game was entirely made for the HON GameJam of February 2017.

It's a multiplayer game on the same keyboard, where both player are needed to die as much as possible on a set of traps. From mines, shurikens to spikes and flamethrower, use what you find !

Traps can't be activated twice in a row by the same player, so try other traps until the other player activate the same traps. Beware of the doors, as they open/close at each death.

Various bonuses appears on the map sometimes, use them wisely !

Controls :

Player 1 :

- horizontal movement : "q" and "d"

- jump : "spacebar"

Player 2 :

- horizontal movement : right and left arrows

- jump : upper arrow

You can remap the keys on the unity launcher (horizontalP1/P2 depending on character for horizontal, jumpP1/P2 for jump)


die_more_please.zip 163 MB
die_more_plase_windows_64.zip 35 MB
die_more_please_windows_86.zip 33 MB
die_more_please_linux.zip 47 MB
die_more_please_mac.zip 47 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the game

2. Unzip it

3. Choose the right folder depending on your OS (w_86 and w_64 stands for Windows x86 and Windows x64)

4. Run the .exe/.app etc... file depending on which folder you chose

5. Enjoy !


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Awesome game!!!! Such a great idea, i'm wondering how could other game developers not have thought of that before. Congrats Nephew and your friend too of course! Keep going!!!!

Nice one, keep going ;)


Thanks, be sure we'll be releasing new games soon ;)