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This game tackles mature content such as death, suicide, etc. Please refrain yourself from playing if you believe it can affect you in any way.

Welcome to the vibrant city of Enduromun !

Welcome !

It's raining. You can hear the thunder raging through the sky, giving you a short glimpse of the city in front of you. Why are you there ? You don't remember why you went to this place... Well... Wait. You don't even remember anything... Anyway, let's go see what the city has to offer, it's not like there's anything else to do...

Can't see...

...But it's dark. Something like a power outage. When the thunder strikes, you can see the city. For a brief moment, the power seems to come back, letting you see what's around you.

Great sightseeing

Memories. This city reminds you something. Maybe there is a meaning in all of this ?

Discover the true purpose of this place...

Strange stairway

An office...?

Lot of people working there...



Anatole Chaumont Frelet - Code / 3D Art / Level Building / Writing

Thomas Lebrun - Code / 3D Art / VFX / Level Building / Audio (Music & SFX) / Writing

Léa Pequignot - 3D Art / Writing

Paul Godard - 3D Art / Level Building / Writing


This game is meant to be played entirely in one playthrough, so there isn't any saving feature. It takes around 30 min to 1h30 to complete depending on how much you explore. Ensure that you have enough time before playing !

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsTeagher Studio, CharlieTU, Raivk
Tags3D, city, Dark, First-Person, lost, Narrative, Neon, night, thunder, Walking simulator


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Maybe I'm just a big softie but I wasn't expecting to cry from a game today :( 

Beautiful design, amazing graphics and music, just perfect in every way... I've only seen one of the endings so far, so I'll be playing again to see what happens if I choose the other two. I know they will make me sad but I'll do it anyways.