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- Fight For Your Light is a game made for the Ludum Dare 43 -

Control the last defender of the light, and fight against the abyss !

You are the last defender of your realm of light. Even if your masters left the world a long time ago, you're still defending this last  light core. You hear echoes in the distance... The abyss is coming to take away the last glimpse of light.

You have a single resource, your light. It's your power, your health, everything. The three generators in this temple will supply you with some light at the end of each assault from the abyss. You must keep them working. The core at the center of the world will be useful to sacrifice some of your light. Here you can repair / upgrade the generators. You can also forge new runes used to cast powerful spells. Or you can sacrifice your powerful spells to retrieve some light, in case you're running low...

You're a powerfull automatic rune caster. You move by hovering over the ground (ZQSD / WASD), you have a boost with Left Shift, you can jump with Spacebar, you can lock yourself in the air with Left CTRL,  Left Click to use your left rune, Right Click to use your right rune (you can activate both runes by pressing Left Click and Right Click at the same time).

You have a rotating wheel of four runes. Each time you use a rune, the wheel turns by 90 degrees. Choose wisely how you place your spells on the wheel, as it will greatly change your ability to fight.
While locked in the air, you will have a greater accuracy, and your runes will cast faster. However, the enemies will be much more accurate towards you.

We would like to say thanks to Game-Icons for their wonderful icons (https://game-icons.net),  and Guillermo Angel (https://twitter.com/ved_adultlink) for his great resources to learn shaders !

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorsTeagher Studio, Raivk
Tags3D, Explosions, Fast-Paced, Game Jam, Low-poly, Ludum Dare 43, Magic, Third Person, upgrades
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FightForYourLightWindows.zip 44 MB
FightForYourLightMac.zip 48 MB
FightForYourLightLinux.zip 62 MB

Install instructions

Open the archive and launch the game ! ("Fight For Your Light.exe" for windows, "Fight For Your Light.app" for mac, "Fight For Your Light.x86_64" for linux.)

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