Discover an incredible world full of surprises, where the door is the key to success.

We won't force you, but... you know... there's something quite interesting behind this door. Or maybe not. But hey, it's just a door, it's a matter of seconds to open it. So let's go ahead, open it. You won't regret it.

We don't promise you anything, just that there IS something to find behind the door.

What else to say... well... It's a game about opening a door and discovering what lies behind it !

Reviews :

"It's a wonderful game. I can't be happier that I chose to open this door. You won't believe what's behind it, and this is what this game is about ! A simple action, and amazing rewards." - Nobody

"I think this game needs more love from the public. You've never seen something like what's behind the door. I'm still amazed by it. I think I need to play the game again to truly appreciate it." - Definitely not a real person

"This door is not like the others, trust me, open it !" - A door

"No words can describe what I saw." - Again, not a real person

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
AuthorsTeagher Studio, Raivk
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Colorful, Cozy, doors, rooms, strange


Just A Few More Doors Windows 64 42 MB
Just A Few More Doors Windows 32 39 MB
Just A Few More Doors Mac 46 MB
Just A Few More Doors Linux 50 MB

Install instructions

Just unzip the file if you chose any desktop version, and open the game inside.


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This game was played by:

255 it was there the whole time aaaauuugh


I love the game! hope you and your game gets more eyes on the stuff you do


34 doors i played doom


207 Doors i have enough but I'm going to play the second door game.


59 doors. Felt like the inside of an ikea catalogue. 10/10.


"You opened 0 doors" ,me dit le jeu après avoir ouvert... une porte xD

Merci d'avoir alimenté mon angoisse existentielle et de m'avoir fait tourné en bourrique a la Stanley Parable pendant les 180 couloirs précédent mon speed run new game + any%

Avec plaisir :D peut-être qu'on travaille sur une suite... ou pas... qui sait ?


2007 doors.

Pity I wasn't counting, because 2021 doors would have been sick.

That's a lot of doors ! 2007 is still a great score. Thanks for playing !


awesome game.


it's a funny coincidence that this game is a bit similar to ours, and even their titles start with the same word! hail to quick little funny games! 😀


Played the old AZERTY version, accidentally won trying to move.

I have won it o/


This was really  cool and interesting, simple but still cool and interesting!

Super funny script and well spent time in this "game?". 
Stay Rad Everybody!!

Hey ! Thanks for the video, it's super cool seeing people play "this" ! 
I'm sorry that you had to play throught the pre-keyboard fix version, in which the controls are for AZERTY keyboards. Since then I've uptaded the game to use both QWERTY and AZERTY controls ;)