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It was fun AND using up my last two Braincells lol

Please Teagher, I need help. 


I found a room with a segway, but for some reason, it didn't get a saved to the room list. Now I can't find it anywhere. Please can you help?

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Game is pretty unique. Just finished and quite sad, I want to explore more. Also everyone should play it, it's pretty fun.


Came for the doors. Stayed for the rooms.

Alotta doors, very nice.


Couldn't find the right door. 10/10 

One of the best games I have ever played super creative and fun! 10/10 a must try

Spoiler alert. Look at your own risk.

I completed the entire game (not including finding all the rooms (I'm lazy :))) in about 3 hours. What to say. The game is awesome. I like it.

At first I thought it was a game for a few minutes. Then I got involved. All the endings are awesome. The door codes are the best.

And the ending with the opening of the door is brilliant. They told you from the very beginning and throughout the entire subsequent game. Open the door. But they talked about the fact that you can’t go into it. This is genius.

True, the ending with breaking the game didn’t work out a bit. Thank God there is YouTube.

About the game. She combines everything liminality. Something similar to superliminal. In short, the game is awesome. I recommend it to everyone.

I decided to try opening some doors. 

Big fan of your game, keep it up!

Hi! Long time no speak, I've recently returned to the game and am wondering if you all would be able to give a hint for the last ending


So I got new narrator and terminated ending, but I'm still missing 4 rooms all with the hint [UNKNOWN], please be my savior Teagher !

Hey there! If it's the one I'm thinking about...


There might be an error code somewhere in the game that has 10 characters... Just what the mega keypad needs... ;)

Then each room will have a way to obtain the next one hidden in it ;)

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EDIT: I was dumb this hint helps a lot THANK YOU


I absolutely love this already! I "solved" it quite fast so I haven't entered many rooms yet, but I'm hoping to discover more when I have the time. Question, could I make edits and like... fanart of your game? 

Thanks for playing and congrats on solving it! Yeah sure you can do fanart and such if you want, we're curious to see what you'll do!

Also I love the "427" reference on one of the doors :]

Hey there! Great game, just one question. Does the game have controller support as I plug in one of my controllers and it only works with one of the joysticks, anything up with that or what? Please let me know. From a fan



Hello, sorry we missed your message! We have no official controller support, unfortunately! Kinda weird that it still works with one of the joystick, though.

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That is a drat, also, did you even know about the one stick working in the game? Great game BTW - JayKillGaming

PS: Late reply as I didn't get notified by your reply.

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So, sorry to be late to the party, but I'm missing some:

1) your jumps are annoying (I've tried jumping a bunch, but all I get is a bugged camera height for a bit)

2) Corrupted RGB corridor (I guess I haven't gotten lucky...)

3) Alley (directions, above Artsy)

4) Pick up the ??? (I think I have done that (In the corrupted room iirc) but nothing happened after that, no special room)

So if anyone can give any hints, that would be much appreciated. For 1 and 4 I'm starting to think they're bugged...

I got the 2 (got lucky finally) and 4 (smoor raluger ni ??? rehtona s'ereht). Still no idea about 1 and 3.

1) Try jumping a lot then... open a door ? Or Continue jumping ? Whatever...

3) Directions are shown on a pamphlet if I remember well, I'm not sure. It can spawn in any classic room if that's what I think it is!

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1) did that already. pretty tiring for my hand. Keeps glitching me through the floor and then rubberbanding me back but still no new room after opening doors. What's "a lot"? like 5 minutes? more?

3) I was SURE I had done that one multiple times already but I guess not. After searching today I have finally unlocked it at some point. 

for 1 that's weird, usually it triggers after like... 20 jumps if I remember well.

Just jump 20 times THEN open a door. I'm pretty sure it's twenty, it's not a big number that's for sure. It's made so that people that try to bunny hop get it naturally...!

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Not triggering :( Tried jumping in place; while moving; jumping fast; jumping slow (waiting for the height to fix itself before jumping again); checked all the doors. Still regular rooms everywhere after.

Maybe the jump registering is broken?

And I am opening the door(s) after jumping. Also tried before and during jumping cause I'm out of ideas... Also tried opening a door while in-air after jumping 20 times. Nothing...


Awesome game frfr


I have spent around 2 hours in this game, I now have a very long notepad file specifically on codes and directions to certain rooms. I cannot tell if this is a good or bad thing.

Good game 8/10

PS (Spoiler Warning)

I liked the way you would figure out where the laser room was. While I was exploring, I noticed the painting and had a feeling that it was directions (based on how secretive the game is with it's puzzles). Overall, a very enjoyable game.

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This is hands down the best liminal spaces game i have ever played. i spent hours in this game trying to find all the rooms. It was a VERY fun journey. I would love to experience this game in VR tbh 👀. There are almost no liminal spaces games in VR. And i think this is the biggest and most ambitious lilminal spaces game. 9/10, definately gonna play again! I freaking love this game!

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Full playlist of my playthroughs! It was insane!


It only took me 57 doors and I'm amazed, because I was sure it'll take me like thousand of them. I always interact with every possible thing and overcomplicate things, and realizing what this game is really about was really accidental. Amazing work and great idea

Thanks a lot for the kind comment! Glad you enjoyed the game.

!Spoilers!  Whenever I type anything on my keyboard it doesn't appear in the game like when I type torch light it won't appear or the command to escape the infinite maze please help

Don't put the space in there, full word.

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It's a very good game, l recommend it. It's not just opening doors. On the other hand, man, the password to have the TORCHLIGHT lamp on the Keypad does not work. Help me.

Thanks a lot!

Try to type it on your REAL keyboard ;)

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I've found ! Thanks !

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this game is great but I'm worried there are gonna be jumpscares if I continue. Is that something I need to worry about?


Thanks! No worries, there are no jumpscares!

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Weird, can you tell us more? We have seen people playing it on Mac.

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Deleted 81 days ago

Weird, will look into it and report back to you if we can reproduce then fix the bug. Thanks for telling us!


10/10 would door again 👍

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(maybe spoilers idk)

bro, i went afk for a few minutes and when i came back i won for some reason. I still don't know how to win the game, but i know i won the game, so i tried winning again by staying afk again. Did not work...


Seriously such a good game, the liminal vibes and atmosphere in all the rooms is fantastic. Every new discovery was so exciting, I finally discovered every single room in the menu and that felt so rewarding. 

-mild spoilers-

I did think pool room 4 was gonna be the death of me but I was finally able to reach the code in there. I found nearly all of the special rooms just by exploring but the secret ending rooms I did have to resort to videos to get moving in the right direction. It is funny, I saw someone refer to this as a horror game and that didn't make sense at first, but while game is certainly not what I'd think of a horror game, it is actually so horrifying in concept. 

Anyway, fantastic game, wonderful time, gonna check out the devs other games now


Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the kind comment!

Some rooms are indeed not that easy to find..!


Really good game with a weird mood - and a clever aesthetic. The atmosphere is incredible (like a dream or a nightmare). It reminds me of Antichamber or a game like Stanley Parable which is one of my favorites. I Have to finish it. Thank you for this strange experience. I never see doors the same way as before :)

Terrible! ça mérite son billet ++

Merci pour le commentaire ça nous touche beaucoup !


very fun game

At around 2'5k doors still didn't find everything


Very cool! just uhm.. it took me 358 doors to realize it never said go THROUGH a door.

in the mall ending I can't use the torchlight

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So, the sitting corridor has a code in it, right? I may go insane looking for one if it doesn't.

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Came back to this game after half a year and it's still so good, I just found the hidden endings yesterday. I'm totally lost on the directions supposedly hidden in Pool 1 though, can't wait to find them and explore the three other pool rooms!

Edit: turns out I was obnoxiously oblivious for a couple months, because I just found the codes in pools 1, 2, and 3 in a few minutes. Currently seeking out the one in 4.

Edit two: I've only got Pool 4, "Be Fast", "Your Jumps Are Annoying", "Pick Up the ???" and "Locked- unknown" left. If anyone sees this and has cracked these locations please do leave me a tiny hint! Thanks!


As a big fan of doors...... 9/10, not enough doors.


this is one of the best games I've played. Something about liminal spaces just fascinates me. Something familiar, yet completely strange. I loved this. Amazing game

LOCKED - pick up flyer ( various rooms ) , i've been searching for hours and still couldn't find that flyer . Someone help

Take a look in the mall room. Might be somewhere on the ground... Maybe... Or perhaps in the door cult church? Huh

can't find it mane haha


i'm scared



door :D

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Is there a release date for the new update?

As soon as possible! Like.. really really soon.


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING GAME! Thought it was another horror game, turns out no, it's just D O O R S.
⁓Played and completed by Skies (NightcoreSkies on YouTube)

Does this game have creatures, monsters, entities, etc.?


Yay because I got scared lol

just some spoopy ambience. they just told they make weird games

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