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- It's simple : Open the door to win! -


The first update, named "P L A C E S" is now available, more infos here!

The second update, named "More Places" is now available, more infos here!

The final update, is now available, more infos here!


You were dreaming just a few seconds ago. About a door. A beautiful door. It stood in the middle of nowhere. You reached forward and opened it.

And now you're here. Was it really a dream ? Something isn't right. It feels like this place was waiting for you.

Welcome to Just More Doors! A realm between realms. A world inside the world itself. A universe in which doors can lead to absolutely anywhere!

Go on and open the door to win. What lies beyond is incredible. A place of wonders. You won't believe your eyes! It's a masterpiece seriously. You'll love it.

Just open the door and see it yourself! It's so easy. You've already opened doors, isn't it ? So you can do it!


Doors. An incredible amount of doors.


ZQSD / WASD to move

SPACEBAR to jump (is it really useful, though ?)

LEFT SHIFT to run (please don't)

LEFT CTRL to crouch (if jumping isn't useful, crouching won't be useful either)

E to interact



"Best game ever"
Absolutely not Polygon

"That's a serious contender for the Game Of The Year"

"So many doors, so much things to explore, it's incredible"
Random big name Twitch streamer

"That's insane. I love it!"
No one on earth

You won't believe what lies behind those doors.


Who's crazy enough to sink that much time in making this ?

Code / VFX / 3D Art / Audio Thomas Lebrun (Raivk)

3D Art (Props & Doors) : Léa Pequignot (Silveria)

Code : Anatole Chaumont (CharlieTU)


We do not have easy access to a lot of Mac and Linux computers. So we tested the builds as much as we could. It should work seamlessly, but if you encounter any bug, do not hesitate to report it to us (either on our Discord server or here). We'll try our best to fix it.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(97 total ratings)
AuthorsTeagher Studio, CharlieTU, Raivk
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Comedy, Creepy, Exploration, First-Person, secrets, Singleplayer, weird
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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JustMoreDoors_Final_1.4_Windows.zip 926 MB
JustMoreDoors_Final_1.4_Mac.zip 927 MB
JustMoreDoors_Final_1.4_Linux.zip 944 MB
JustMoreDoors_1.3.1_Windows.zip 865 MB
JustMoreDoors_1.3.1_Mac.zip 867 MB
JustMoreDoors_1.3.1_Linux.zip 883 MB
JustMoreDoors_1.2_Windows.zip 857 MB
JustMoreDoors_1.2_Mac.zip 858 MB
JustMoreDoors_1.2_Linux.zip 874 MB

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Really good game with a weird mood - and a clever aesthetic. The atmosphere is incredible (like a dream or a nightmare). It reminds me of Antichamber or a game like Stanley Parable which is one of my favorites. I Have to finish it. Thank you for this strange experience. I never see doors the same way as before :)

Terrible! ça mérite son billet ++

very fun game

At around 2'5k doors still didn't find everything


Very cool! just uhm.. it took me 358 doors to realize it never said go THROUGH a door.

in the mall ending I can't use the torchlight

(1 edit)

So, the sitting corridor has a code in it, right? I may go insane looking for one if it doesn't.

(2 edits) (+1)

Came back to this game after half a year and it's still so good, I just found the hidden endings yesterday. I'm totally lost on the directions supposedly hidden in Pool 1 though, can't wait to find them and explore the three other pool rooms!

Edit: turns out I was obnoxiously oblivious for a couple months, because I just found the codes in pools 1, 2, and 3 in a few minutes. Currently seeking out the one in 4.

Edit two: I've only got Pool 4, "Be Fast", "Your Jumps Are Annoying", "Pick Up the ???" and "Locked- unknown" left. If anyone sees this and has cracked these locations please do leave me a tiny hint! Thanks!


As a big fan of doors...... 9/10, not enough doors.


this is one of the best games I've played. Something about liminal spaces just fascinates me. Something familiar, yet completely strange. I loved this. Amazing game

LOCKED - pick up flyer ( various rooms ) , i've been searching for hours and still couldn't find that flyer . Someone help

Take a look in the mall room. Might be somewhere on the ground... Maybe... Or perhaps in the door cult church? Huh

can't find it mane haha


i'm scared



door :D

(1 edit)

Is there a release date for the new update?

As soon as possible! Like.. really really soon.


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING GAME! Thought it was another horror game, turns out no, it's just D O O R S.
⁓Played and completed by Skies (NightcoreSkies on YouTube)

Does this game have creatures, monsters, entities, etc.?


Yay because I got scared lol

just some spoopy ambience. they just told they make weird games



Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a door! Oh hey look, a don't tell me...'nother door.


I love the game so far but I think I broke it


I broke it again. It took so long now I need to restarthttps://www.kapwing.com/videos/6324bfd468f4d7008e4b7a20

(1 edit)

I cant crouch and can't zoom I'm on mac

is there going to be anymore updates?

Yup! We're still working on the final update.


i will say only one word...



Should I open the door?


That's insane. I love it!

...There, now your quotes section is wrong. >:)


I love how there are secrets after going through one door like 8 times


I'm on mac and there was a part where i went in the vent form the weird staircase after corectly entering a code, but it was pitch black and i could no see or do anything but pause and quit the game. is this intensional? 

Well this was a fun game enjoyed a lot amazing style ngl 

Really screw with your mind when you play it at 3:56AM, I like it.


We are taking some time off this project to explore new ideas. However we have one final update in the works! We'll announce the theme soon...

let me guess, it is gonna be called 'Even More Places'

Oh nice idea! Ahahah

..Don't worry it's something else. ;)


That's insane. I love it! (c)

Great game, seriously. But I'm curious how to reset my progress (so I could replay it in the future).

Deleting all the game folders (EVERYTHING I found on my laptop...) doesn't seem to work.


It depends on your platform. We use Unity's PlayerPrefs system to store data.

On Windows it's in your registry (under "HKCU\Software\TeagherStudio\Just More Doors").

On Mac it's stored here -> "~/Library/Preferences/com.TeagherStudio.Just More Doors.plist" (or something like that, never tried it on Mac).

On Linux it's here -> "~/.config/unity3d/TeagherStudio/Just More Doors".



This game is so much fun!



Doors, doors! They made my head spin.

(1 edit) (+2)

this is the backrooms but better


This game was interesting...I loved the way you showed us the truth on how radios are made! :)

PolygonDonut is happy



Oh developers. You beautiful, wonderful people that at this moment I want nothing more than to hurl insults at.

I spent 6 hours in one sitting on this game. I wrote down every code, every set of directions, I took pictures on my phone, and so much more. I was ABSOLUTELY SOLD that this was going to be a situation where a long string of directions was needed. And eventually I was stumped.

By pure chance (I literally stopped to eat some food) I, after six hours of desperate door opening, managed to create the conditions needed for the win.

When I tell you I gasped so hard I choked on my food, I sincerely mean it.

You. Cheeky. Beautiful. Horrible people.

Anyway you'll be happy to know I went into legitimately every room possible before I finally won according to exploration mode, so at least I got the full experience I guess.

Joking aside, this was a ton of fun. You all totally nailed the liminal space feel, and definitely accomplished your goal when it came to making the player think way too hard about the objective.

TLDR: You suck. Also I love you. Great game.


We love you too <3 Glad you hated enjoyed the game! Remember to open the door to win.


What a crazy, weird, and yet strangely fun game! Maybe it has something to do with "just one more door, and The Door will be right there. Just one more door. Ok, NOW one more door..." I could have kept going for hours possibly, but started to get tired. But to be honest tho, I dont even want to find The Door, I just want to see more rooms! There were some crazy weird places in here, some with a super creepy filter on it that just really made me worried something was going to jump out! Maybe adding some kind of entity that just stays at the edge of the vision fog, never wanting to get to close, but always moving will REALLY boost that creep factor! Is it a monster? Death? Some other poor soul that got stuck looking for The Door? Maybe if you catch it, it'll open a special room that has become its home.

Really enjoyed the game, and I hope you enjoy my video! 


Alright, I'm stumped I have no idea if there is a real ending I've been playing now for 4 hours and I'm just going into a loop mind helping me out

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