Final update is in the works!

Hey there doors afficionados!

We recently closed the google form for the final update. You chose the theme of the final update! ...Well you chose TWO themes because it's quite a close tie. So the themes of the final update of Just More Doors will be :

Dark places & More endings!

We are working on it, and already have designed the new rooms. There will be new endings that will reveal more lore from the doors universe, and new rooms! Approximately 14 rooms are planned, 10 of these are part of the new endings. However it's still under heavy design work, so it's subject to change.

We took a pause from this project to avoid burning out on it, but we are back! What did we do during the pause..? We worked on a new and exciting project. We noticed that a lot of people liked this type of weird and "semi creepy" game (horror without true horror) and so we are going to continue exploring this genre. We can't say much for now, but expect a game set in a quite close futur, with an interesting mechanic to allow indirect exploration of weird places. More on this later!

Well... That's it. Stay tuned!

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How did I only just find this? Excellent news. I just want more Just More Doors :D (But also very excited for your future horror-not-horror projects!!)


HYPE, so glad I started following you guys, you really know how to do pseudo horror and I'm so excited to see the new things you guys come up with :D thanks for being awesome!