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- Just don't fall, ok? -


Explore a huge vertical level by running and jumping around to climb to the very top while trying to avoid falling!


Jumps, platforms, weird spaces and some falling. Well... A LOT OF FALLING.


Liminascent is about mastering the CORE of what makes a 3D platformer. There is no weird gameplay mechanic, no randomness and nothing "unfair".

It's only you, your jumps and the level. No moving platforms and such. Only YOUR skill matters. As you'll get further and further in this game, you'll start to master the character controller and become quite efficient at navigating the level. It's all about mastering this to overcome the challenge of the game: getting to the very top!

This game is quite vertical, and some jumps are risky. Be careful! You don't want to fall all the way through the very beginning of the level.

For accessibility and onboarding, the game features three difficulty levels:

  1. Discovery: Explore the level and learn to navigate through it without too much frustration. Checkpoints are scattered everywhere and can be used an unlimited amount of times! It's perfect to discover the level and for people that are not used to this genre of games.
  2. Normal: The way the game is meant to be played. The checkpoints are removed, but you get the bonus ability to place ONE special checkpoint wherever you want. Teleporting to your checkpoint removes it from the world, allowing you to place another one somewhere else. It's the only way to place it again: consuming it. You can use it to safely try a risky part before removing the checkpoint and doing it, hopefully, without falling. Or you can use it as a one time save point.
  3. Unforgiving: No checkpoints, and the optional parts (meant to "save you" when falling from some sections of the level) are removed. It's the ultimate experience of this game. The hardcore mode!

Oh and the game features a saving system: if you exit normally the game it saves your progression, allowing you to get back to where you were when playing again later.


ZQSD / WASD to move

SPACEBAR to jump (keep pressed for long jump)


LEFT CTRL to crouch

T to place a checkpoint in normal mode

F5 to teleport to the last triggered checkpoint

F9 for a quick restart

Get to the top without falling!


Level Design / Code / Art / Audio Thomas Lebrun (Raivk)

3D Art Support : Léa Pequignot (Silveria)

Code : Anatole Chaumont (CharlieTU)


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No invert y axis so I can't play. Meh.

you are one in a million- keep being you, y axis man

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If you do your research you will find that I am actually one in millionS.

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Without any doubt, one of my most frustrating experiences in game - because of the character controller which is not bad, but it could be improved. Respectfully it seems to me that you only bought an asset from Unity Store, integrating it in your project - and no more. I cannot appreciate each distance between platforms because of a minimalist aesthetic. Black color for the top of the platform is a bad idea. To put it in a nutshell - help us in judging distances. Also I think that you should increase white tiles' size to get a global feeling of tower space (first section). However your project has serious potential. I would like to recommend you to take a look at another game which is more or less similar to yours - REFUNCT. It uses a really good character controller and the main gameplay is based on the same key - jump, fall and repeat. Don't be offended by my words. It's just the point of view of another french indie dev. I wish you the best, developing it. If you need a beta tester, I will happy to help you ++

Ceci étant dit, si votre objectif est de focaliser le gameplay sur le seul Speedrun, oubliez tout ce que je vous ai dit. It works :) And as you said ->


Vous êtes en classe d'info/développement ? C'est pas mal du tout les jeunes. Pour une petite team, je trouve que vous avez une bonne fibre esthétique et de bonnes idées. Bon courage à vous. Je garderai un œil sur votre projet ++

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Hello, thanks for the detailled comment. The character controller has been actively worked on for the project and is being reworked for a sequel. It's focus is on jumping and having great control on the character, removing the punishing inertia often found in first person games. Though it doesn't please everyone, we noted it in a few playtests. Trying our best right now to enhance it! Any feedback is appreciated.

The aesthetic choice indeed doesn't help to judge distances in a few areas, that's quite true. REFUNCT is a very cool game haha nice recommandation.

Fun fact: this project was only a playground we made internally to try a few things and it somehow became a game because we had fun with it and wanted to try if it had potential. Seeing it's reception we are actively working on a way more ambitious sequel with pleeeeenty of QoL improvements ;)

YES I'M A USELESS PIECE OF TEXT ENJOYER! (Bet you found plenty of those, we hide it in a lot of our games).

Nope on est des professionnels du milieu, les études c'est derrière nous haha. Certains de l'équipe sont même passé de l'autre côté de la barrière et enseignent. Mais ici on créé pour se faire plaisir et produire des jeux qu'avant tout on s'amuse à fabriquer ;)


C'est super cool de voir un tel enthousiasme. J'ai considéré avec attention plusieurs de vos projets sur Itch.io et LudumDare (score très honorable) et j'ai vite compris, qu'en fait, vous avez de bien solides compétences. J'aurais dû passer par là avant de poster mon message :) Je suis content d'avoir découvert votre talent commun. Du fond du cœur, je vous souhaite à tous une bonne continuation ++

Oh pas de soucis vraiment, c'est pas grave ! Merci beaucoup en tout cas, et tout feedback est super bon à prendre. C'est ce qui permet d'avancer et de s'améliorer sans cesse !


You can totally just bypass the timer start platform. In theory you could get a 1 second time with a carefully placed checkpoint and some patience. I don't have that much skill though.


However... Touching the starting block (starting the run) resets your checkpoint ;) (though, with great timing you can still abuse it, will fix this in a further update).

its probably just a computer issue but the game runs fine but crashes every time i try to load back a check point. any idea how to fix this?

Which mode are you playing? Seems weird... Though the games writes and clears some save data in a file at that moment. Maybe your computer blocks it and it triggers the crash? That's pretty weird.


cool game, nicely done music is great. 


It needs vapoware as OST instead. Overall, pretty cool game. 

Pretty good idea, taking note of it for a sequel!


Came back for this. Pfiou, bien joué Kaldrin aussi. Pas évident le unforgiving :)

Si jamais ça intéresse, j'ai une vidéo de la run !
Je reviens pas sur le jeu qui est vraiment top, bravo.

Woaw je crois qu'on a un record là, dur de faire mieux ! Carrément curieux de la vidéo oui haha. Il est impératif qu'on arrive à créer la page speedrun.com du jeu.

On verra si ça marche avec le son niveau copyright, sinon je la mettrai en mute.


Propre ! La page speedrun.com est dispo, ce temps peut rester en WR pendant longtemps je pense... Tu devrais 100% le mettre dessus !

Ah bien joué ! 

Je vais le mettre rapidement ! Je suis pas sur que ça tienne longtemps cela dit. Les gens sont compétitifs :D

Eh bien pour l'instant tu es en WR haha, à voir combien de temps ça dure !


Okay I got a record here I think


Woaw! That's quite a feat!! That's incredible. Congrats!


Super cool. Pas grand chose à redire. 9:13 sur le mode discovery, on va voir si je tente sans checkpoint. Le concept normal du jeu à l'air super intéressant mais je me demande si du coup, après le mode discovery, je passe pas direct en mode pas de checkpoint. On va voir. En tout cas, c'est super fluide, ça fait un peu mélange entre gettin over it, celeste et les .kz

Le fait d'avoir le controle sur l'accélération même en cours de jump c'est super agréable aussi. Les petits messages cachés, les raccourcis, ça donne l'impression qu'il y a toujours des petits trucs à découvrir.

Bravo, super experience.

J'imagine que c'est le genre de jeux où il faudrait un leaderboard. Mais je connais pas les complications que ça ajoute.


Bravo, c'est actuellement un beau record, on a pas vu mieux que 09:13 ! 

Effectivement, le normal permet cependant de s'entraîner sur certaines parties du niveau très précises. Notamment pour se préparer à bien réussir les cuts.

On songe aux leaderboards, on sait que quoi qu'il arrive ce sera celui de speedrun.com qui prédominera, alors on va essayer de s'interfacer dessus en jeu (il paraît que y'a une API, il faut qu'on se renseigne).

Merci en tout cas pour le commentaire très chaleureux et détaillé !


13:50 ! Really cool little game, first-person parkour in liminal environments? Count me in, very fair experience!


Oh nice to see you Kaldrin! Nice score, Thanks for playing!

Yup we love liminal spaces. It's something we like creating. Making levels with this theme is so relaxing.


I'll try to beat my score !


What's your best score ?

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Hey that's a nice score!

My best is 10:02!

Ah still not there, did 10:30